July 29, 2009


The past few weeks have been busy with thing like the premier of the latest Harry Potter movie, a pool party, praise and worship nights, a blood drive, a bachelor party, and studying the book of Mark with our Community Group.

While waiting in line for Harry Potter, Kyle ate the largest rice krispy treat I've ever seen! On the right is our latest project. We bought a chair on Craigslist with the idea that it would be recovered. I pulled some affordable fabric options, and we decided on the red ikat fabric at the top right - except in green. I can't wait to see the result, and I'll be sure to post pictures when it's finished! It is quite funny to me though - several of our friends are against us recovering it. The chair isn't in bad shape at all, but it's just not quite my style. :) I knew it would be a great piece because it is by Hickory Chair, a company I use a lot at work. I've been to their manufacturing facilities, and I know this chair will last as long as we would like to keep it!

It's really hard to believe that our one year anniversary is coming up this weekend! We are heading to Charlotte to stay at the Ballantyne Hotel, where we stayed on our wedding night. Looking back to a year ago, I was miserable - I had a tear in my esophagus in the week before the wedding! It was very painful, but Kyle was great - he helped me pack up all of my stuff and moved it to our apartment! I'm so thankful for an amazing husband, and I look forward to many more years to come!

And - we got a universal remote! Now there is only one remote to lose!

July 15, 2009

The 4th of July

Kyle and I took a "staycation" over the 4th. Instead of going away for the weekend, we enjoyed spending time at home.

The Joel Lane House is literally across the street from where we live. They were having an open house on the 4th, so we took the opportunity to check it out and learn a little bit about the history of our city and state. Joel Lane was instrumental in making Raleigh the capital city. It's crazy to think that this house was around before anything else; now it is crowded by businesses and town homes.

It wouldn't be the 4th without hamburgers and hotdogs! We ventured just a bit further to get some food from Chargrill. I like the new designs that Coke has out for the summer!

July 9, 2009

Also on Saturday, the 13th

My friend Sean (who I've known since middle school) got married about a month ago to his lovely bride Jamie! They met the same summer that Kyle and I did - and in a similar way - through a Summer Beach Project with Campus Outreach. I remember talking to Sean that summer, telling him about getting to know Kyle and hearing about the beginning of his relationship with Jamie. I hated that we were unable to go to their wedding since it was a destination wedding in the Bahamas, but we saw the newly-weds last weekend at their reception in Shelby. They used the same wedding photographer that we did - I can't wait to see more shots from their big day!

Haha... I like this picture because it is such a Sean face, and Jamie looks beautiful! What a gorgeous setting!

Kyle and I with Mr. and Mrs. Collins at their tropical-themed reception. Kyle had fun with the decor. Congratulations Sean & Jamie!!

July 1, 2009

Lake Trip Awesomeness

This past weekend, we headed to Lake Norman to stay at my grandparent's house and spend the weekend with members of our Community Group. The weather was beautiful, and we had a great time growing deeper in community! We started off Saturday morning with a time of prayer and praise. I think you can see from the pictures what we did during the rest of the trip:

Jumbo tried (unsuccessfully) to catch the ball in his mouth. Katie enjoys a very delicious slice of watermelon.

Kyle jumped off the double-decker dock... several times.

The whole group! What a fun weekend! (You may recognize some of the crowd from the latest Harry Potter poster featured below.)