August 18, 2009

We all need a little help from our friends

Since our Community Group started meeting back in February, we've found out that we like each other - a lot! The people you surround yourself with are so important, certainly they influence us, and it's amazing to have others there when you truly need them. Kyle and I have enjoyed getting to know our group - and watching it grow. But last week we had to say goodbye to a few. Hayley left us for Wilmington for her first year of college, and Phil moved up to DC for a new job in animation. (The extra sad thing about Phil leaving is that it means Katy, his fiance, will be leaving soon as well.)

Kyle made banners to show our love, and we enjoyed a night of great food and great conversation.

Phil and Hayley - You are missed!! (FYI, that's not Hayley rolling up the banner, that's her sister Lara. Hayley is in the paint splattered shirt beside Lara in the top photo). Lara was careful to save Hayley's banner for dorm room decoration.

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  1. A job in animation. AWESOME and congrats to Phil.


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