April 11, 2010

And We're Back

After a blog hibernation this winter, I'm back on the bandwagon (thanks to a little encouragement from Lisa this weekend). We have been busy over the last few months with weddings, birthdays, Christmas, a cruise, work, classes, church, community group, and more! I'll try to go back and blog about some of it over the coming weeks.

To start things off, we were in Greensboro yesterday celebrating with Ryan and Lyndsay Semchenko! Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and such a testimony to the work that God is doing in their lives!

The reception was held at the LEED certified Proximity Hotel, which I loved!

Asian details reflect their mission work and where they started dating. The Chinese writing on their delicious cake says "Love." They will return to Asia later this year, but we're excited that they'll be in Cary as they raise support before they leave.

And here's Daniel, who told me that he is keenly aware when someone is trying to take a candid picture of him - and he makes a face like this. I took it as a challenge. I got a few candid shots when he wasn't looking, but I had to be so quick that they turned out blurry.

I also headed to Shelby for Isabel's wedding reception - I'll post some pictures from that soon. And now that we're back - is there anything you'd like to see me blog about?


  1. More blogs about me and how awesome I am!

  2. all i have to say is yay to hey mckay and the return.

    in. love.



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