March 21, 2009

Ikea came to Charlotte & so did we!

After seeing the big blue box of a store on I-85 every time I drove through Charlotte, we couldn't help but stop shortly after it opened.

While we didn't make any major purchases, just being there was very inspiring. Personally I loved walking through their room scenes and store displays.

The designers at Ikea do an incredible job showing their products - every section has an interesting display. I've gotten the Ikea catalog since high school, so it was nice to see their pieces in person. I was a little disappointed in the quality. I don't think that you can really complain with the prices - but after sitting in several of the sofas and chairs, I don't think I would be interested in purchasing them. They weren't very comfortable, and I don't feel like they would last very long. But they sure make it look great!


  1. just went and totally spent blew 200 bucks and some great items. The most expensive purchases were a pair of floor lamps at 40 bucks each. They are so cheap though- i do worry about the quality. Can't wait to show you my loot!

    Great photos-as per usual.

    see you mon. happy sunday!


  2. Hey Lauren, First post for me. Sorry to take so long to hop on the blog wagon. I have never been to Eye Kia. As you know, I work at a furniture store. Going strictly from the reviews from people who have been plus what I have read about the place, I would have to wrap it up this way. It does appear as though the decorating is interesting. The owners of the store wants me and Jason (the other main sales person, we both decorate and showcase our floor) to go and see the Eye Kia store mainly to see what they have done with the decorating and set up. She did enjoy that. She also seemed to say they have some nice and affordable accessories. Every single person I have talked to has mention they are not impressed with the quality of the furniture. They say it is too small as a rule. Also, what bugs me is that it is all flatpacked in boxes and according to what I read anyways, they focus on using particle board construction and not real wood. All of this goes in complete opposite of what 80% of my customers are looking for. I make a point to find out what all I sell is made of solid wood/plywood and what is OSB and/or particle board cause most people want to stay away from that. I sure know I do. Also, I make a point to try to find out what is made in the US. Also, most of my customers cannot stand stuff flat packed that they have to put together. So as far as coolness, creativity and decor, I imagine I would be impressed. As far as the overall furniture and quality, I feel I would have no desire for any of it. Of course, again, I have never been so this is all assumptions. OK, I will shut up now,


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