May 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

About a year ago, Kyle and I started talking about buying our first place. We were initially looking in the areas between Raleigh and Chapel Hill for something that would be convenient for both of us. Most of what we saw were 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes, but the idea of living in a neighborhood with mostly families didn't seem to fit quite yet. After we found out that Kyle could ride the bus from Raleigh to Chapel Hill to work, we started looking for something that would be convenient to a bus stop, to our church, and to my work. Even though we loved the first place we visited, our Realtor Matt Peedin was great at showing us other options and walking us through the process. We did end up buying the first place we looked at - a one bedroom, 1.5 bath condo downtown!

One of the new signs just down the road

I snapped these shots on the Boylan Bridge as we took a walk one night

Our place! Well, sort of - this shot was taken back in 1996 before the lumber company was turned into condos in 2002

Here is the building today

Our first place!

We've loved living here. It's been just enough space for the two of us, and we love the location. I love seeing the skyline every day as I drive to work! We walk to church most Sundays, and there are several great restaurants just down the street. We're slowly but surely making it our own. Interior shots to come soon!


  1. Congrats!! That's an awesome building! LOVE having you guys choose Downtown! :)

  2. Thanks Ashton! We love living downtown! :)


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