May 27, 2009

Vacation in Clearwater: Part I

We had a great time in Florida! But for the first few days, this was all we saw:

It was such a relaxing trip! Since it was so gross outside (I haven't seen it rain that much at the Villa since the hurricane came through!), we spent most of our time inside. We played Settlers of Catan quite a few times. Kyle pretty much dominated - I only once out of some seven games. For reading, we brought Sacred Marriage, which I would recommend to anyone, and Kyle took a few of the Harry Potter books. I also spent some time reading my camera manual trying to brush up on my photography skills.

Slowly but surely, the rain slowed and the sun peaked out - just about the time we were sick of staying indoors. More pictures soon to come!


  1. Gorgeous photos as per usual, L.

    Pretty sure you have 21 posts and started your blog this year.

    I started in 2007 and have 23 posts.

    Maybe I'll reach 24 posts by my 24th birthday- i still have a month so that's plenty of time.


    see you tom.

  2. Perhaps - but you are awesome on the DLL blog! I'll bet you have more than 23 posts there!

  3. You guys play Settlers???? AMAZING! We learned it from a couple at our church from California... and I've never met anybody from around here who plays...

  4. Yep, we do! Kyle and his roommates played a lot in college and that's when I learned how to play.

    What Ryan is this?


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